Things to Remember When Stacking Nootropics

Most people who are new to nootropic use are excited by the idea of starting their own supplement stack, and rightly so because stacking opens up a number of important possibilities to the user. However, many beginners fail to realize that there are rules to it, at least if you want to do it right.

This article presents the basic principles of nootropic stacking for new users. If you are planning to start your own supplement stack, then pay close attention.

Knowing Where to Focus

As you may already know, nootropic stacking is all about getting the specific results you want. For that to happen, you need to identify which aspect of your cognitive processes need the most help. For instance, do you want to address your anxiety issues? Do you want to feel more motivated? Do you want better memory?

While nootropics normally address cognitive enhancements comprehensively, every individual has their own cognitive weak points. It would serve you well to know which is yours. This way you can design a stack that specifically addresses your needs.

Starting Slow

Keep it simple. These are the words to live by if you are just starting out. We understand that it is incredibly tempting for a new user to just come out and incorporate a dozen different supplements to their stack in one fell swoop. However, we recommend that you fight your impulses. Nothing good will come of that approach. You have to pace yourself. You have to learn how to walk before you can run. The same thing applies here.

Forcing yourself to consume multiple nootropics without a care in the world will likely result in massive headaches and gastro-intestinal discomfort. In the first place, you have no idea of these supplements will affect your body.

In the off-chance that they do generate a positive impact, you can never know for sure which of the multiple drugs you took is responsible. There is also the chance that you have overdone it, wherein you could have achieved those exact results just by consuming the one supplement that is right for the job.

So, in concrete terms, we recommend that you introduce new nootropics to your stack one or two at a time. By doing this you can have a complete grasp of how your body reacts to them. Only then should you proceed to add more to your stack.

Now, admittedly, the entire process may be time-consuming, However, it is still the best way to go about it. Patience is a virtue that pays off, especially when it comes to building your nootropic stacks.

Choosing Complementary Nootropics

Once you have determined your goals and have started building your personal nootropic stack, it is important that you give your choice of supplements ample thought. After all, you want the different components of your stack to work well together.

Keep in mind that your nootropics should not only blend together well but they should also complement each other, further enhancing each other’s impact.

These are just a few of the basic stacking principles beginners should remember.

Post Author: Dora Hunt