Give Me Vegan!

by Laurel on September 10, 2010

Before I went to school in NYC and moved up to Manhattan, I never knew much about vegan food. There’s just a big stereotype out there that vegan fare is crazy hippie food that tastes funny. But now that I’ve been tasting some of the best vegan fare this city has to offer…I am in love. I’ve honestly eaten some of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted and the most flavorful salads, smoothies, chips, and dips I could get my hands on. Vegan food is becoming more and more popular because people are starting to see just how delicious it can be. Of course, vegan food needs to be done right. That is, with fresh, high quality ingredients.

Just to get one thing clear, I am not a vegan and I don’t plan on becoming one at this time (though maybe later). With all the working out I do, I crave meat and seafood sometimes and make sure I fulfill those cravings with wild-caught and organic options. Still, I have incorporated more and more vegan foods into my diet and I’ve noticed big positive changes in my energy levels and immune system. I believe it’s a direct result of all the fresh produce and all natural foods I eat…and of course, exercise, a positive attitude, and love.

Have you tried any vegan options? What do you think of them? If you’re ever in New York or Chicago or San Francisco, it’s a perfect opportunity to do a little taste test (they have tons of healthy food hot spots). Or you can try out one of my vegan recipes at home, such as:

Also, check this NY Times article on trending vegan fare. Mmmm cupcakes.

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